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Join us at The Forge Urban Winery near The Waterfront in Pittsburgh for another epic event combining excellent local talent at the zenith of a series of live talent events.

Pittsburgh's premier songwriter competition, THE FORGE GOT TALENT, is an exciting competition full of incredible performances. This event brings together the city's most talented songwriters, who audition to be invited to participate in the competition.

Contestants are selected based on the quality of their songwriting, and are invited to perform in front of a live audience. The audience plays a crucial role in the competition, as they are the ones who ultimately choose the winner. Attendees are encouraged to listen closely to the performances, and to vote for their favorite songs.

The prizes for the winners of THE FORGE GOT TALENT are truly impressive. Prizes may include cash and gift certificates. The top performers may also receive recording deals, as well as honor and recognition in the music community. This is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring songwriters to showcase their talents, and to potentially kickstart their careers in the music industry.

So if you are a talented songwriter, or if you simply enjoy listening to great music, be sure to check out THE FORGE GOT TALENT. This is a one-of-a-kind event that celebrates the best of Pittsburgh's songwriting community, and offers a truly unforgettable experience for both performers and audience members alike.

The next FORGE GOT TALENT is coming soon! To attend FORGE GOT TALENT, you must participate or have a ticket.

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ATTN Musicians

Your journey to 'THE FORGE GOT TALENT' stage begins by attending an Open Audition on a Saturday afternoon from 4 PM to 6 PM at The Forge Urban Winery near The Waterfront. These qualifying events are held every Saturday from 4 PM to 6 PM at The Forge Urban Winery.

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