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Jim Skiff
Abby Morgan
Ukulele Mollie
Starling My Darling
Sachem Orenda
Tom Schimminger

Jim Skiff is an award winning composer, actor, playwright, and recording artist. He has released three solo albums, Sky and Lake, Rooted and Flower and Sword, and The Stonecutter Sonnets with Pam Verity, and the original soundtrack to Silver Apple of The Moon which was produced at the Penn State Behrend Little Theatre. Flower and Sword was engineered and produced by Grammy winner Dave Moulton for Icarus Records(1979), and was one of the first all digital albums recorded in the world. More recently, Jim released The Skiffs debut ep, Don’t Ask Questions (2019), and The Skiffs lp, Inner City Jitters (2020), in collaboration with his daughter, Erin Skiff.

Abby Morgan is a singer/songwriter with a folk/pop inspired sound. She has been writing poems since she can remember and seeks to use her music as a way to explore both the most euphoric and most heartbreaking parts of the human experience.

Ukulele Mollie is a singer/songwriter from the greater Pittsburgh area. Mollie loves subverting people’s expectations regarding what kind of music can be played on the ukulele. She explores a wide variety of genres, including modern-day folk/pop, 80’s rock, traditional French, and classic country/bluegrass, along with creating medleys full of nostalgic, toe-tapping tunes. She also writes original music about love, anguish, mental illness, joy, travel, and real-life experiences. Her music is available on all streaming services, with a new EP on the way.

Starling my Darling is an American Indie folk pop collaborative duo, consisting of singer songwriters Dawn Sipes and Paul Ferraro, hailing from Pittsburgh, PA.

Sachem Orenda is a solo electronic musician, avant-garde guitarist, and singer from Pittsburgh, PA.

Tom Schimminger is a mysterious artist from somewhere in the Pittsburgh area with an unknown origin.

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Hi when is the next competition for newcomers! I’d love perform and bring home the golld! My name is Gary Z and I got a website on the Bash! Johnny Cash and Elvis traditional country and oldies are my favorites! I also have a ton of originals which are entertaining and catchy tunes for ya!

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