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The Parishables

Congratulations to winner of Songwriters Stage, The Parishables!

The Parishables are from South Park Pennsylvania. Their music is a mix of punk rock, metal, grunge, and alternative. They also have some soft stuff too. They formed in August 2020 and been playing rock shows around the greater Pittsburgh area!

One reply on “The Parishables”

I will always remember a performance by Brandon Parish in January 2022 at the very first FORGE GOT TALENT. Some considered Brandon Parish the underdog, because he was a solo act directly following a full band, but as soon as he got on stage and started performing, the audience was stunned and watched in awe and silence. He rocked the venue for his full 30-minute set and finished the event in second place, coming extremely close to first place. Another amazing detail is that a house drummer who never rehearsed with Brandon Parish jumped in on the set, and they spontaneously killed it together. I was blown away. I don’t remember what place the band that played before Brandon Parish finished in, but they didn’t get first. Brandon Parish defied expectations and overtook the full band plus nearly tied for first place, but many would say he stole the show that night.

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