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Hailing from the cityscapes of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, Soul & Spoken Word songwriter/recording artist, Jay Michaels, began hitting the ground running in music in 2018 and has manifested into a versatile, innovative and multifaceted artist in a very short time, and had no intention of slowing his momentum down anytime soon.

Born into a family of musicians spanning back three generations, Jay’s music sustains a charismatic mix of many diverse components that showcase his musicianship and defining factors, which delivers up a signature sound and stylization that sets him aside from your run-of-the-mill artist. A lot of Jay’s songwriting is inspired by and attributed to his life experiences; from disaster relief to pushing through hard times, he garners a lot of his material by writing music that is not only inspirational, but therapeutic and spiritual as well. And while his artist influences are limitless, some of his notable favorites stem from industry heavyweights such as Dave Matthews Band, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, and many others.

Whether it be about life, love, dated pop culture references or even inanimate objects, Tony Pickles occasionally has rhyme and/or reason to his tunes. He’s just a dude with a guitar and some power chords that, at least once, met the approval of a random video clip of Hugh Jackman.

Indigo Rae is a solo singer-songwriter exploring love and loss through a queer lens. Heavily influenced by 90’s alternative and modern pop-punk and folk. Their music transcends the commonplace acoustic sound with unexpected melodies and lyricism that defies codification.

An avid song writer and multi instrumentalist, Colin A writes whatever comes to mind or heart, bending genre and style. He’s played in several bands and has toured the US playing music. He’s currently recording two new albums and just released a concept noise album.

Jessica Duke uses music as free therapy. She writes and plays country/pop ballads inspired by Taylor Swift, Dolly Parton, and The Chicks. When she isn’t writing music, you can find her running, hanging out with her cat and husband, or teaching science here in Pittsburgh!

Jade Eye is currently a solo musician who writes evocative songs with the goal of making the listener feel inspiration, heartbreak and everything in between.

He has previously played in bands and studied guitar and music composition, and his sound is both unique yet familiar, combining rock and pop influences with an emphasis on songwriting.